6 Great Places for an Engagement Photo Shoot in Nottingham

Engagement photo shoots are increasingly popular as part of a wedding photography package. More and more couples are choosing to celebrate the special time of engagement with a set of photos from a professional photographer. As with wedding photography, the location matters for an engagement photo shoot. Couples in Nottinghamshire have a wide choice of places to visit for some stylish, memorable shots that celebrate not only their love, but their love of their hometown.

  1. Highfields Park

Lewisromane.com, wedding photographer, says that Highfields Park is a lovely place for some memorable engagement shots. The park is 120 acres filled with pretty trees and plants, and some interesting water features. It is the classic place to come for pictures in spring as all the flowers are blooming and the lake is glistening in the sunlight. Perfect for those couples celebrating a summer wedding. There’s even the chance to get some shots on the lake in a rowing boat.

  1. Wollaton Park

The perfect destination for some gorgeous pictures with the backdrop of the stunning countryside. It’s the ideal place for a summer shoot but it can also be very striking in winter, too. Wollaton Hall makes another stunning backdrop and there are plenty of deer for the background, too.

  1. Nottingham Castle

This is the iconic place for photos in Nottingham and it makes a memorable engagement shoot location. The exterior is attractive and there are also nice views over the city. It’s a great backdrop for couples who love Nottingham.

  1. Robin Hood Statue

And don’t forget the classic Robin Hood statue, which is very close to the castle. If you want a photo that really says “Nottingham”, this is your location. It is a popular place for photos.

  1. Colwick Hall Hotel

This Georgian-style mansion is located in 60 acres of parkland and is a beautiful building, one of the best in Nottingham, and it is great for engagement shoots as well as weddings – the venue is a popular one for tying the knot. The building is Grade II listed.

  1. White Post Farm

For a quirky engagement photo shoot with a difference, why not try White Post Farm? Get some pictures of cute animals along with the photos of you and your fiancé. This is also an ideal place for engaged couples to come when they have children, so the whole family can be captured in a set of special photos.