Barebacked Wedding Dress

Article written by Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai

In the wedding fashion of recent years, the Naïve style with elements of sexuality is confidently leading. Are you self-confident? Do you prefer to be in the spot and collect admiring compliments? Will your wedding be in the summer? Do you have a beautiful back without any marks from the suntan in the swimming costume or any cosmetic defects? If so, you can freely choose a barebacked wedding dress.

Fashionable Styles

Designers of wedding dresses have a variety of options: tight-fitting with a train and magnificent ballroom, mermaid-style and empire-style dresses and even short dresses for the most not screwed-up brides. In any model the back can be both covered and bare, partially or completely, with different cutout options:

  • in the form of an oval (classic);
  • rectangular;
  • wedge shaped;
  • trapezoidal;
  • triangle shaped;
  • double;
  • round, diamond-shaped, with an asymmetrical neckline;
  • drop-shaped;
  • In the shape of a heart.

All this fantasy on the back is beautifully decorated with rhinestones, embroidery with beads and gold threads, lace, ribbons and bows, lace and many small decorative buttons along the spine – it all depends on the model, style, imagination of the designer. Veil and gloves must be of a lace-finish style.

Important Little Things

When you are choosing a dress, where the back is open, the question of a bra immediately comes up. Among all models, the most suitable is a transformer with silicone straps or an “invisible” model (it is recommended to wear it for no longer than six hours!). You can sew in bra cups however, this option is not suitable for brides with very large breast.

If your back is not quite perfect or your modesty does not allow you to open it publicly, you may choose a veil covering the naked back. The advantage of such a solution is that veil on the back leaves intrigue. There is also another way out – trying a model with imitation of nudity, when the openwork or translucent insert covers the neckline.

Barebacked Dress – Whom does it Suit?

Wedding dresses with a neckline on the back can be worn only by a slender girl. High brides can choose mermaid models or floor-length Empire dresses with a train. Women of medium height and small women should choose a midi length flared skirt with an accentuated waist. Accessories for the attire are selected according to the style of the dress. Sandals or court shoes, a clutch or purse on a long chain, delicate gloves or mittens perfectly complement the image. For outfits with an open back, special jewelry is produces: a necklace should be short in front; on the back, there should be a cascade of beads, rhinestones and chains.