6 Fairy Tale Destinations to Say “I Do”

Are you gearing up for the most prominent day in your life? You must be quite the sight with tons of emotions running through your head – the wedding dress, venue, guest list, caterers, and a truckload of other stuff. You might be just months, weeks, or days away from walking the aisle, but you still might have time to make sure your wedding is the most timeless and memorable day.

Here’s a list of a few luxury wedding destinations that can make all the difference:

  1. Tahiti

Engulfed with mesmerizing landscapes and great people, Tahiti is a wonderful destination for your wedding. It might not be as popular as Hawaii, but that’s probably why you want to be here. The weather is great during May and October, which is the best time to pack up and make it here. Just make sure you carry enough woolens with you.

  1. South Africa

You could break tradition by not going with the usual suspects and go with a wildlife sort of backdrop instead. If that’s not your cup of tea, Cape Town might be your safe heaven! It’s one of those fantabulous locales that give you the feeling that you’re living a dream. The pristine waterfront, deserted beaches, and wildlife – you just can’t get enough of it.

  1. Ireland

One of the luxury wedding destinations that pops to mind almost instantly is fairytale-like Ireland. Laden with stunning castles, seaside villages, lush greenery, you definitely want to check it out. Irish people are known to be extremely forthcoming and hospitable, and you would enjoy being with them. There’s a fine blend of culture and tradition that will uplift your wedding ten-fold.

  1. Maine

Tourists flood this destination in summer when the weather is the warmest; but come September, it’s the ideal backdrop for a wedding. Maine is surrounded by the great deep blue and sandy beaches that fit just right for a romantic wedding. There’s a whole load of glamor and style, so you wouldn’t have to compromise on any of that.

  1. Jamaica

This locale is laced with 635 miles of coastline that’s dotted with gorgeous villas and wedding properties. Ocho Rios was a popular choice for one of the James Bond movies as well, and since then it has become one of the most frequented destinations. When you plan ahead in time, Jamaican can turn into one of the most promising luxury wedding destinations on your list.

  1. Fiji

A tropical paradise, the Fiji Islands is packed with breathtakingly beautiful sea life and unpolluted beaches. If you want to be close to nature and feed the sharks, you and your guests are going to love it here! Winter is the best time to visit Fiji, which happens to be from May to October. This is around the time when the festival of colors and lights are on display giving you something to do and look out for.

New Beginnings

Weddings are one of those days that gives you the opportunity to feel pampered, loved, and become an inspiration to others who are on the brink of saying their “I Dos.” It’s a new life, a new start, and that calls for celebrating it in the best possible way in a dream destination. Plan ahead in time, and make sure your big day is full of pleasant surprises and happily ever after!