Are You Ready to get married?

It is never really that easy to judge how prepared you’ll be for most life-changing event, be it the loss of someone in the family, leaving home for the first time or now becoming popular again, getting married. Young people may feel totally prepared for marriage at age 18, and then discover how much sacrifice, trust and maturity are involved to make the marriage work. Some others may not feel ready even until their 30’s or beyond. What actually matters the most is a combination of emotional maturity, self-realisation and the wish to move into a new phase of adult-level responsibility.

A number of people leave marriage until they have attained personal goals, such as pursuing a higher education, getting a good job or living out an independent lifestyle. Marriage before having the chance to establish your own adult identity may sadly lead to uncertainty later on during the early years. So, it is crucial to ask oneself if you are happy with your achievements as a single adult and are you now ready to share your life with somebody special on a new journey of self-discovery. You won’t have to abandon any goals or aspirations, but you will now have to learn how to work as a team player.

Popping the Big Question

Ah, that one memorable moment which will never be forgotten! Whether you will be proposing in London, Paris, Athens, Cairo, Bangkok, Tokyo, Sydney or New York, it’s going to be an unforgettable event, so do your very best to make it so! Just the look on your partner’s face is worth a million smiles and will be etched in your mind for eternity. And what a great start in then getting prepared for what will be one of the most important days of your lives –the wedding!

If you have been together in a harmonious and special relationship with each other for a number of years, you will have developed a level of unique intimacy necessary for marriage. A couple who have achieved a particular level of intimacy and trust,will be much more able to consider getting married and enter into a successful one. Both felt that it was an innate natural progression of a mature and deepening relationship. Nobody should really have to get married due to things such as family or peer pressure.

Making it Work

If you are lucky to believe that you have found that special someone else who happens to be in harmony with your true inner self and is positively capable of continuing a long-term commitment, then you are now ready to do the right thing and get married as anybody else whom you may know. As long as you are aware that it may require some hard work, some compromises and a special depth of trust, then there is no reason at all for you to put off enjoying life and taking that special person’s hand in marriage!

And may you two last in harmony forever! Good luck!