Do You Know About These Fragrance Etiquettes?

Purchasing and using perfume is an easy task. However, the real problem starts when you get to know that the perfume you have applied is not being liked or being noticed by people. Men who use perfume should know how much a person should apply.

People buy perfume, but most of them do not know about how to choose one and apply the same. Unisex perfumes are perfect for those who are in dilemma, and are now trending faster among both the sexes. Unisex perfumes like Dolce and Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud will flood your senses with deep amber and smoky tones of wood. Such a perfume can be worn anytime, without considering the etiquettes in mind.

Perfume Etiquettes

Most of the people are not aware of any such concept of perfume etiquettes, but yes, they do exist. When you use perfume, besides you, the whole world around you will notice the fragrance and it is important that they feel nice in your aura. So, these are the following etiquettes you should know about:

  • Firstly, you should choose a perfect perfume as per the season. This is because perfumes smell different depending on the temperature of the surroundings. Dolce and Gabbana The One for Men is seductive, elegant, charismatic and sophisticated choice that a man can make.
  • Make sure that you do not trouble your fellow mates with the strong smell of your perfume. It is essential to select the perfume carefully and apply it depending up on the place you are visiting.
  • Remember that there are some places where it is better to go without perfume. For example, if you are going to a church, your child’s school for a meeting, for any office conference, or to visit a patient in the hospital, it is better to go without perfume.
  • Many people think that the perfume gets better as it gets old, but this is not true. The perfumes also have expiry date above which if you still use, it might turn out to be stinky and ruin your day. Dump the perfume if gets too old because old perfume might also cause infection on your skin.
  • When you purchase the perfume, try it on your skin and let it stay there for some time. This will let you know its effect. If you feel comfortable, only then go ahead with the purchase.
  • The perfume gets soaked in very slowly. Therefore, whenever you are going out in public transport or your office cab, you should use the perfume well in advance before boarding the vehicle. The freshly applied perfume is not necessarily liked by people around you. However, Montale Intense Café is one unisex perfume that entices people with its warm, moutnerwatering and fresh smell of coffee.
  • Many people do not know where to apply the perfume. Generally, it is applied to the pulse points behind the ears, on the wrists and behind the knees.
  • Do not reapply perfume, even if you don’t smell the fragrance anymore because others still can. If you spray on more, it can make the once-subtle fragrance quite overpowering.


Perfumes are the love of many people, but the beauty of the fragrance will increase multi fold if you know the etiquettes of applying the perfume. So, apply perfumes as and when required.