Top 5 Wedding Return Gifts for Guests

The wedding is a very special occasion for family members as well as for those who attend the wedding. Groom and Bride are so lucky that they got different gifts from Guest attending the marriage. Whenever we visit any marriage party as a guest, we use to carry some gifts for the wedding couple, however, if we got a return gift then how beautiful that moment is?.

If you are the wedding couple then it’s your duty to gift your guest something that could make your wedding valuable. So, to help you people, we are here and we will be recommending you Top 5 wedding return gifts for guests. We have selected these gifts after a deep research on what guest likes to get.

List of top 5 wedding return gifts for Guests

Wooden Wall Clock

The most useful gift that we can gift to our guest and that we have to choose is wooden clock because it looks classy and royal. Although the reason for choosing Wooden Gift is simple it is a very innovative gift too. You can give them a great finishing by printing some text such as thanking your guest to make your moment so special or anything that you want. Along with this Wooden clock will be serving your guest for a long period of time so they won’t forget your wedding date, most probably!  You can buy wooden wall clocks from Pepperfry.

Chocolate gifts

Chocolate gifts can also be great return gifts for your wedding. Chocolates have the unique advantage of being liked by everyone and that makes them wonderful return gifts at a wedding. The best thing about chocolates is that there are so many creative ways in which you can pack them. There is also the option of chocolate gift boxes personalized with a picture of the couple as a wedding return gift.

Vaastu items

Gifting Vaastu Items is also a great choice as these again, give a royal feel and bring all the positive energy in our house. You can gift your guest a pair of Chinese guardian lions or laughing Buddha or a pair of wind chimes, etc. This could make your guest feels special. If you have a traditional family and maximum of your family members have faith in Vastu and all then giving them a gift that matches their thinking can provide them a bit of happiness.  You can explore vastu gift options at


Idols of God

Maximum people have faith in God, getting an Idol of God might give me dozens of happiness. So, gifting some God’s idol could be a great option for your wedding. Going for a metal Statue will be a better choice and you can gift Statue of Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesh or any other God whom you follow. There are many options available for divine idols as return gifts

Jewelry boxes

If you have the majority of Women gift them Jewelry Box will be the best to gift your women guest. Women have a treasury of Jewelry, giving them a beautiful place to keep them which will make those pieces of stone more glamorous might give me world’s best